Really Simple SSL

The easiest way to improve security! Leverage your SSL certificate and protect your website visitors.

Really Simple Plugins Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 5 milionow Testowany z 6.3.1 Updated 3 tyźenje ago

ManageWP Worker

A better way to manage dozens of WordPress websites.

GoDaddy Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 1 milion Testowany z 6.2.2 Updated 6 mjasece ago

iThemes Security

The Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect WordPress

iThemes Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 900.000+ Testowany z 6.3.1 Updated 4 tyźenje ago

Safe SVG

Enable SVG uploads and sanitize them to stop XML/SVG vulnerabilities in your WordPress website

10up Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 800.000+ Testowany z 6.3.1 Updated 1 mjasec ago

User Role Editor

User Role Editor WordPress plugin makes user roles and capabilities changing easy. Edit/add/delete WordPress user…

Vladimir Garagulya Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 700.000+ Testowany z 6.3.1 Updated 2 mjaseca ago

Admin Menu Editor

Lets you edit the WordPress admin menu. You can re-order, hide or rename menus, add…

Janis Elsts Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 400.000+ Testowany z 6.3.1 Updated 1 źeń ago

Activity Log

The #1 Activity Log plugin helps you monitor & log all changes and activities on…

Activity Log Team Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 200.000+ Testowany z 6.3.1 Updated 1 mjasec ago