Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) helps you easily customize WordPress with powerful, professional and intuitive fields.…

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CMB2 is a metabox, custom fields, and forms library for WordPress that will blow your…

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Dynamic Conditions

Activates conditions for dynamic tags to show/hide a widget or section.

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ACF Photo Gallery Field

A lightweight extension of Advanced Custom Field (ACF) that adds Photo Gallery field to any…

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Custom Field Template

The Custom Field Template plugin extends the functionality of custom fields.

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Product Input Fields for WooCommerce

Add custom product input fields to your WooCommerce products. Let customers personalize/customize products effortlessly. Elevate…

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NextGEN Custom Fields

Creates the ability to quickly and easily add custom fields to NextGEN Galleries and Images.

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ACF Fold Flexible Content

A simple plugin for enhancing the ACF Flexible Content Field. Collapsed flexible content panels with…

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CMB2 Taxonomy

CMB2 Taxonomy will create metaboxes and forms with custom fields for your taxonomies using the…

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BuddyPress to WordPress Full Sync

BuddyPress to WordPress Full Sync lets BuddyPress xProfile fields to synchronize with WordPress user fields

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Required Fields

Required Fields can help you write your Posts, Pages without forgetting fields, if you forget…

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Remove Fields

Remove the website field from the comment form and also remove some other rarely used…

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