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Solar System

Wót Peccular

Wersija: 0.1

Slědna aktualizacija: 15. měrca 2023

Aktiwne instalacije: 60+

PHP-wersija: 5.6 abo nowša

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If you are dealing in, manufacturing, marketing or promoting use of solar energy, solar panels,renewable energies, or you are someone who wants to simply show support to solar energy, Solar System WordPress theme is for you! Whether you are an NGO or a businessman/entrepreneur selling solar panels or other related services the WordPress theme is perfect for you. It helps you convey the relevant information to your targeted customer as well as creates an effective interface for you to meet clients, communicate with them and strike business deals. Solar System WordPress Theme is a functional interface that can be installed within very little time once you have finalized the template you wish to make live. It not only takes very little time to go live, it is also very easy to maintain your own theme without help of a web developer. And you don’t even need any special training for learning coding skills and all. A user-friendly interface/admin is provided to you that allow you to add pages, publish new content or edit existing content, change images etc. Another good thing about solar panel WordPress Theme we design for our clients is that it is compatible on all browsers and devices. We know that more than 75% our visitors (read: potential clients) reach our site via their smart phones and this trend has compelled us to create solar panel WordPress themes that can be viewed on mobile phones, laptop, smart TVs and desktops without any distortions.


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