Safe SVG

Enable SVG uploads and sanitize them to stop XML/SVG vulnerabilities in your WordPress website

10up Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 700.000+ Testowany z 6.0.3 Updated 3 mjasece ago

Clean Image Filenames

This plugin automatically converts language accent characters to non-accent characters in filenames when uploading to…

Upperdog Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 40.000+ Testowany z 6.1.1 Updated 1 mjasec ago

Clean Filenames

Removes or replace international or special characters that can make your filenames not compliant with…

Samuel Aguilera Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 3.000+ Testowany z 6.1.1 Updated 6 dnjow ago

MD5 Media Renamer

Sanitize and rename automatically media files during upload using PHP time() as prefix and the…

Natexim Concept Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 500+ Testowany z 3.6.1 Updated 9 lět ago

Space Remover

Space Remover removes any leading or trailing spaces from your post and page content. Securing…

MGWE Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 200+ Testowany z 4.7.25 Updated 6 lět ago

Healthy filename

Automatically clean the filenames.

Kantari Samy, Developer Back @ Whodunit Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 100+ Testowany z 5.9.5 Updated 10 mjasece ago

Aucor URL Sanitizer

Converts Cyrillic, Georgian, Arabic and Chinese characters in post, term slugs and media file names…

Aucor Oy Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 80+ Testowany z 5.2.17 Updated 3 lěta ago

Strings Sanitizer

Aggressively sanitizes titles for clean, SEO friendly post slugs, and media filenames during upload.

Prospek Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 60+ Testowany z 3.4-beta3 Updated 10 lět ago

Sanitize DB

The plugin sanitizes the database by removing the unused meta entries and other unlinked records…

Ankit Chugh Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: Fewer than 10 Testowany z 5.9.5 Updated 4 mjasece ago