iThemes Security

The Best WordPress Security Plugin to Secure & Protect WordPress

iThemes Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 1 milion Testowany z 6.1.1 Updated 4 mjasece ago

SiteGround Security

SiteGround Security is the all-in-one security solution for your WordPress website.

SiteGround Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 800.000+ Testowany z 6.2 Updated 1 tyźeń ago

Malware Scanner

Malware scanner provides Anti malware security, Scans & Detects malware like Trojans, Backdoors, Brute force…

miniorange Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 4.000+ Testowany z 6.1.1 Updated 5 mjasece ago


Based on the success of the most popular firewall for Joomla!, RSFirewall! is now available…

RSJoomla! Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 2.000+ Testowany z 6.0.3 Updated 9 mjasece ago

Virusdie – One-click website security

Malware scanning & removal, website hardening, patching vulnerabilities, real-time protection against online attacks, blacklist monitoring…

Virusdie Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 1.000+ Testowany z 5.9.5 Updated 1 lěto ago

Security Ninja For MainWP

See vulnerabilites and security test results in the MainWP dashboard.

WP Security Ninja Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 200+ Testowany z 6.0.3 Updated 9 mjasece ago

Antivirus Solution

Adds more security for your website. Server-side scanning. Performs deep website scans of all the…

StopVirus Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: Fewer than 10 Testowany z 5.8.6 Updated 2 lěśe ago