Manage 301 redirects, track 404 errors, and improve your site. No knowledge of Apache or…

John Godley Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 2 miliona Testowany z 6.2.2 Updated 2 mjaseca ago

Spider Blocker

SpiderBlocker will block most common bots that consume bandwidth and slow down your server.

Easy Blog Networks Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 40.000+ Testowany z 6.1.3 Updated 4 mjasece ago

Custom PHP Settings

This plugin makes it possible to override php settings.

Cyclonecode Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 10.000+ Testowany z 6.2.2 Updated 1 mjasec ago

Hyper Cache

Hyper Cache is a performant and easy to configure cache system for WordPress.

Stefano Lissa Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 10.000+ Testowany z 5.8.7 Updated 2 lěśe ago

WP htaccess Control

Interface to customize the permalinks (author, category, archives and pagination) and htaccess file generated by…

António Andrade Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 7.000+ Testowany z 4.3.31 Updated 8 lět ago

htaccess protect

htaccess protect – Protect your wordpress login or admin pages with password.

Zoltan Laczko Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 1.000+ Testowany z 5.9.7 Updated 1 lěto ago

.htaccess Site Access Control

Using the password protection will give you extra security layer of protection from brute force…

WPSOS Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 1.000+ Testowany z 4.4.30 Updated 7 lět ago

SAR One Click Security

Adds some extra security to your WordPress with only one click.

Samuel Aguilera Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 600+ Testowany z 5.4.13 Updated 3 lěta ago

Lite Cache

The smallest cache plugin ever released (but still greatly efficient).

Stefano Lissa Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 300+ Testowany z 3.9.40 Updated 9 lět ago

Apache Status & Info

Apache server-info and server-status monitoring right in your WordPress admin.

Pierre Lannoy / PerfOps One Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 100+ Testowany z 6.2.2 Updated 3 mjasece ago