Akismet Spam Protection

Nejlěpšy antispamowy šćit za blokěrowanje spamowych komentarow a spama w kontaktowem formularje. Dowěry nejgódnjejše antispamowe…

Automattic Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 5 milionow Testowany z 5.7.1 Updated 2 mjaseca ago

Antispam Bee

Antispam plugin with a sophisticated tool set for effective day to day comment and trackback…

pluginkollektiv Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 700.000+ Testowany z 5.7.1 Updated 2 mjaseca ago

Honeypot for Contact Form 7

Honeypot for Contact Form 7 adds honeypot non-intrusive anti-spam functionality to CF7 forms.

Nocean Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 300.000+ Testowany z 5.7.1 Updated 7 dnjow ago

Email Address Encoder

A lightweight plugin that protects email addresses from email-harvesting robots, by encoding them into decimal…

Till Krüss Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 100.000+ Testowany z 5.7.1 Updated 2 mjaseca ago

Stop Spammers

Robust WordPress security & spam prevention. Leverage our pre-defined allow/block lists. Adjust configurable security settings…

Trumani Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 60.000+ Testowany z 5.7.1 Updated 2 tyźenja ago

WordPress Zero Spam

WordPress Zero Spam makes blocking spam & malicious visitors a cinch. Just install, activate and…

Ben Marshall Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 30.000+ Testowany z 5.7.1 Updated 1 mjasec ago

Blackhole for Bad Bots

Blackhole is a WordPress security plugin that detects and traps bad bots in a virtual…

Jeff Starr Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 20.000+ Testowany z 5.7.1 Updated 3 mjasece ago

Gravity Forms Zero Spam

Enhance your Gravity Forms to include anti-spam measures originally based on the work of David…

GravityView Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 20.000+ Testowany z 5.7.1 Updated 3 tyźenje ago

Spam Destroyer

Kills spam dead in it's tracks. Be gone evil demon spam!

Ryan Hellyer Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 10.000+ Testowany z 5.4.5 Updated 1 lěto ago

IP Ban

Simple IP Ban is a lightweight ip / user agent ban plugin.

Sandor Kovacs Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 8.000+ Testowany z 4.7.20 Updated 4 lěta ago

Stop Spam Comments

Dead simple and super lightweight anti-spambot WordPress plugin. No captcha, tricky questions or any other…

Pino Ceniccola Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 7.000+ Testowany z 4.4.24 Updated 5 lět ago

Conditional CAPTCHA

Asks commenters to complete a simple CAPTCHA if they don't have a previously approved comment,…

Samir Shah Licba aktiwnych instalacijow: 4.000+ Testowany z 5.0.12 Updated 3 lěta ago