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Master Addons – Free Widgets, Hover Effects, Toggle, Conditions, Animations for Elementor

Master Addons – Free Widgets, Hover Effects, Toggle, Conditions, Animations for Elementor


With Master Addons for Elementor, building a beautiful website is a piece of cake. It’s like having a magic box full of over 50 elements and 20 special extensions to make your site look amazing.

From intricate navigation menus to engaging carousels, informative blogs to professional team member showcases – every element is designed with customization in mind. Adjust margins, padding, typography, borders, and more to match your unique style. Plus, captivate your audience with interactive image hover effects and hotspots.

But that’s not all – Master Addons goes beyond the basics with advanced extensions like Display Condition, Floating Effect, Custom CSS, Tooltip, and Positioning to give you complete control over your website’s look and feel.

Ready to transform your ideas into reality? Download the free version of Master Addons today and start building the website of your dreams! 🚀


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Every Addons has Extensive Customization Options.

Master Addons Overview:

To use Master Addons you will have to activate Elementor plugin in your WordPress first.

Here is the Download link for Elementor WordPress Plugin.

There are 10+ Pro Elements, 8 Pro Extensions & a lots of pro feature available to unlock 100% customization. All Star marked Elements, Extensions & features are available in the pro version. Without further delay let’s dive into the Master Addons Elements and Extensions list.

⭐ Master Addons White Label

Master Addons White Label Branding allows you to customize your Plugin name, plugin description, Plugin logo, Developer/Agency Name, Plugin Menu label, Plugin URL. Also you can hide the plugin option panel tab that is not required for you. White label branding is necessary for maximum agency owners who love to remove the plugin branding. Try this feature from Master Addons for Elementor Agency plan.

Use These Elements to Design Pages

Master Addons For Elementor plugin gives you access to the following widgets or elements

  1. Animated Headlines: Make your text pop with cool animations and colors. Perfect for grabbing attention on your homepage.

  2. Dual Heading: Spice up your titles with two colors, giving your content a fun, eye-catching look.

  3. Gradient Headline: Gradient Headline: Create fancy text with color gradients that look great on any device, no coding needed.

  4. Advanced Accordion: Neatly tuck away your content in expandable sections, saving space and keeping things organized.

  5. Advanced Tabs: Sort your content into tabs for an interactive experience. They’re easy to set up and work on all devices.

  6. Team Member: Introduce your team with style. Add bios, photos, and social links to give a personal touch to your business.

  7. Team Slider: Show off your team with a cool slider that lets you flip through member profiles with ease.

  8. Flipbox: Share your message with a twist. Flipboxes reveal content when hovered, adding a creative flair to your site.

  9. Infobox: Display information beautifully. Choose from over 20 styles and customize to your heart’s content.

  10. Blog: Easily arrange your blog posts in cool layouts like grids, lists, or cards. Plus, you can sort them by category.

  11. News Ticker: Highlight your top posts with a scrolling news ticker that you can customize with different animations and settings.

  12. Tooltip: Offer extra info to your visitors with pop-up tooltips for text, icons, and images. They’ll appear with a tap or hover.

  13. Dynamic Table: Create and customize tables without any coding. Drag and drop to add columns, colors, and even pictures.

  14. Progress Bar: Show off skills or stats with animated bars. Pick from different styles and colors to match your site’s vibe.

  15. Progress Bars: Display a set of colorful skill bars to represent various stats or skills in a creative way.

Special Content Element

  1. Table of Contents: Help readers navigate your blog posts with an easy-to-use table of contents that you can personalize.

  2. Timeline: Create a visual timeline for projects or step-by-step guides. Choose from horizontal or vertical layouts and easily add content.

  3. Toggle Content: Switch between different content sections, like monthly and yearly pricing, with a simple toggle.

  4. Source Code: Display and highlight code snippets in over 70 languages with customizable themes and a copy button.

  5. Search: Add a custom search bar or popup to help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for on your site.

  6. Blockquote: Feature quotes in a stylish way with customizable colors, typography, and backgrounds.

  7. Changelogs: Keep users informed about updates with a customizable changelog section for your digital products.

  8. Current Time: Show the current time on your site, just like a newspaper. It’s easy to set up and you can choose how it looks.

  9. Domain Search: Start your own domain hosting or affiliate service with a customizable search tool that fits right into your site.

Marketing Element

  1. Call to Action: Get more clicks and leads with eye-catching buttons that guide visitors to your offers or products.

  2. ⭐Restrict Content for Elementor: Keep your special content safe with a lock that only lets the right people in, using passwords or other conditions.

  3. Counter Up: Display your achievements or fun facts with animated counters that are simple to create and customize.

  4. Countdown Timer: Build excitement for events or sales with a countdown that’s easy to set up and style to match your site.

  5. Pricing Table: Create attractive pricing tables with easy switchers to display your product prices. Customize to your heart’s content with various layouts.

  6. Business Hours: Let customers know when you’re open with a customizable business hours table that can be placed anywhere on your site.

  7. Nav Menu: Design a lively header and footer with a navigation menu that’s fully customizable and responsive.

  8. Creative Button: Spice up your site with over 30 types of buttons, complete with special effects to guide visitors where you want them to go.

  9. Creative Links: Draw attention to your links with animated effects, making your text more engaging and fun.

  10. Mailchimp: Easily integrate Mailchimp forms into your site and customize them without needing a pro version.

Best Image & Media Element for Elementor

  1. Image Hover Effects: Add cool titles and descriptions to your images with over 20 customizable effects. Get creative and make your images interactive.

  2. Image Comparison: Show off before-and-after shots with an easy-to-use comparison tool. Perfect for photographers and designers to highlight their work.

  3. Advanced Image: Change up your images on hover and add stylish ribbons. Customize the look with lightbox effects, image tilt, and more.

  4. Image Hotspot: Point out details in your images with hotspots that can show more info on click or hover. Great for explaining features of a product.

  5. Gallery Slider: Create a photo gallery slider with thumbnails. Click on a thumb to see a larger image and customize the slider settings to fit your site.

  6. Filterable Image Gallery: Sort and display your images with custom labels and categories. You can even link images to other pages and control which labels show up.

  7. Image Carousel: Keep visitors engaged with a carousel that shows off your photos. Customize it with different navigation options and settings to fit your site perfectly.

Product Compare & Feature Elements

  1. Comparison Table: Compare products side-by-side with ease. Add titles, prices, features, and more to help customers make informed decisions.

  2. Featured Product: Highlight your products with attractive layouts. Ideal for showcasing a small selection or affiliate products to catch your visitors’ attention.

Elementor Form Elements

  1. Contact Form 7: Easily integrate and style Contact Form 7 in Elementor. Customize layout, colors, and more with 10 unique variations.

  2. Ninja Form: Insert and style Ninja Forms without needing the pro version. Full customization options available right in Elementor.

  3. WP Forms: Create and customize beautiful forms with WP Forms. The Elementor addon makes it simple to adjust layout and styling.

  4. Gravity Forms: Enhance Gravity Forms with custom styles to match your brand. Edit and style forms directly in Elementor.

  5. Caldera Forms: Collect feedback creatively with Caldera Forms. Customize forms in Elementor without needing CSS expertise.

  6. weForms: Change the layout of weForms easily. Use pre-built styles or customize as needed in Elementor.

Best Elementor Extensions

  1. Custom Breakpoints: Customize your site’s look for any device size, from large screens to mobile phones, with easy-to-set breakpoints.

  2. Particles: Add cool particle effects like polygons and snow to your pages for a dynamic look.

  3. Animated Gradient BG: Create beautiful, animated gradient backgrounds for your sections and columns.

  4. Reading Progress Bar: Keep readers engaged with a progress bar that shows how much they’ve read.

  5. Background Slider: Enhance your backgrounds with a slider featuring transitions and the Ken Burns effect.

  6. Custom CSS and JS: Write custom CSS and JavaScript directly in Elementor to personalize your site even further.

  7. Positioning: Place elements anywhere on your page with different position types like static or absolute, and customize for various devices.

  8. Container Extras: Control the size of sections and columns beyond default settings, using units like pixels or percentages for precise design.

  9. Mega Menu: Create detailed, attention-grabbing mega menus for your site, similar to those on popular e-commerce sites and blogs.

  10. Entrance Animation: Add eye-catching animations to your webpage elements with a variety of styles and customization options.

  11. Transforms: Animate elements with CSS transforms, allowing you to move, rotate, scale, and skew them on your pages.

  12. Rellax: Implement parallax scrolling effects to add depth and motion to your landing page, with controls for speed and layering.

  13. Reveal: Create cool reveal effects for your content with customizable directions, speeds, delays, and colors.

  14. Header,Footer,Comment Form: Design your site’s header, footer, and comment forms with dynamic conditions for different pages or sections.

  15. Display Conditions: Show content based on user behavior like browser type or operating system, perfect for targeting specific audiences.

  16. Dynamic Tags: Automatically display dynamic content like author bios or post details without manual updates.

  17. Floating Effects: Add eye-catching floating animations to elements on your page to make them stand out.

  18. Wrapper Link: Easily link entire sections or specific elements to keep visitors engaged and increase page views.

  19. Post/Page Duplicator: Clone any post, page, or custom post type with a single click, including full support for WooCommerce products.

  20. Glassmorphism: Create a modern, frosted glass effect on your elements with a background blur, enhancing accessibility and design aesthetics.

  21. Icons Extended: Access a rich library of icons beyond Font Awesome, including Simple Line Icons, Elementor Icons, Ionic Font, Linear Icons, and Material Icons.

  22. Tooltips: Add informative tooltips to any section, column, or element, with full customization of content, position, size, background, and text style.

5 Awesome Elementor Icon Library

👉 Simple Line Icons: Input any icon from this Simple Line Icons library to your webpage. This library provides a lot of minimal eye-catching icons.
👉 Elementor Icons: I hope you are already familiar with the default Elementor Icons, enable this icon library and access to the default Elementor icons.
👉 Ionic Font: Insert some coll Ionic Font icon inside your page and make an outstanding webpage.
👉 Linear Icons: This icon library comes with some bold handy icons that are highly recommended for any online professional.
👉 Material Icons: These bold icons will attract your visitor’s intention when they visit your Website. Just enable Material icons and insert them on any page.

Rollback to Previous Version

If an update to Master Addons for Elementor causes issues, the Rollback feature allows you to revert to a previous version easily. This can be a quick fix while you reach out to the support team for a permanent solution.

System Information

Curious about your site’s setup? The System Information feature in Master Addons lets you view your WordPress environment and server details all in one place. It’s a handy tool for troubleshooting without needing to dig through your hosting panel. If something’s not meeting the requirements, you’ll see a clear indicator, helping you pinpoint the problem.

Upgrade to Master Addons Pro

Common Problems with Solutions:

Elementor not loading problem
– There are various reasons for Elementor not loading issue. For more details please check the Tutorial below.
Increasing PHP Memory limit from wp-config.php or php.ini file is simplest solutions. But there are others too –
View Tutorial

Why Use Master Addons For Elementor?

Easy To Implement

Master Addons makes it a breeze to build interactive pages with Elementor. Just a click to toggle, and you can add any element effortlessly to your page. It’s designed to be user-friendly, so you spend less time figuring things out and more time creating.

Built For Speed

We know your website’s performance is crucial. That’s why Master Addons lets you load only what you need, ensuring your pages run smoothly and quickly. We’re committed to keeping our code lean and efficient, so your site stays fast and responsive.


The plugin is customizable by providing every element with lots of option to control every possible thing. You have the power to customize the blocks as per your choice.


The plugin does not allow messy code or extra asset which slow down your internet speed. It offers deactivation of unnecessary widgets to keep your site work smoothly.


We have an excellent and friendly support team for your assistance. Put your question in the Facebook Group or you can contact us directly via live chat and Support Forum.

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🏆 Master Addons For Elementor Customers Feedback

Professional, diverse layout options perfect for any site (useful free version)


Great Features, Great Support and Fast Fixes When Needed

Master Addons is the Best Plugin for Elementor

Top Priority Add on for Elementor

Great Plugin and Insane support!


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  • Master Addons – Accordion, Call to Action, Tooltips, Team Carousel, Flipbox
  • Master Addons – Business Hour, Image Hover Effects, Blog List Cards, Dual Heading
  • Master Addons control Panel
  • Image Hover Effects Element
  • before after Image Comparison
  • Filterable Image Gallery
  • Gradient Headline
  • Gallery slider widget


  1. Upload the Downloaded „master-addons.zip“ Folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Or, UNZIP „master-addons.zip“ folder and Upload master-addons on „wp-content/plugins/“ folder via FTP or Copy and
    Paste on your Local Computer
  3. Activate the „Master Addons for Elementor“ Plugin through the ‚Plugins‘ menu in WordPress


Can I use „Master Addons“ Plugin without Elementor Plugin?

No, Elementor page builder plugin is required to use Master Addons Plugin. You must have Installed „Elementor“ Page
builder plugin to work with this Master Addons. If you forgot to Install or Active, you’ll see a notice for

How to Install this Plugin ?

Installation Process has been discussed on „Installation“ Section. Video Tutorial will help you about Installation
Process. Learn from our Tutorials on Youtube Channel

How to Configure this Plugin?

Basically, there’s no configuration required for using „Master Addons“ Plugin. You can Turn On/Off Add-ons you like on „Addons“ Section. It will make your website faster loading.

How to add Master Addons on Page/Post?

Navigate to any post or page which you want to Create/Edit with Elementor. Scroll down or search for „Master Addons“ Category. Click on that option and you will all Master Addons Elements. Just add the element you like and Customize it as like your own.

„Master Addons“ Installed but Not Working !

First, deactive Other „Addons“ plugin and try again. If nothing works then post on our Support Form(Link Mentioned above).

Is it compatible with any Theme?

Yes, it’s compatible with any WordPress Theme.

Is there any way to test Premium Features without Purchasing Master Addons?

Yes, we’re offering 14 Day Free Trial ( No Payment, No Credit Card, No Paypal account required) for testing all Premium

How can I get faster Support?

We’ve two ways to give Supports for „Master Addons“ Plugin – 1. [WordPress Support Forum](https://wordpress
.org/support/plugin/master-addons) and 2. Support Forum. Since, this is a Free Plugin, Support reply may delay for answer
but we’re Dedicated on our FB Page for chatting.

We’re adding new Features everyday. You’ll get regular Updates also !


13. julija 2024
My custom fonts and other design elements were causing an issue with the plugin. The support team worked tirelessly figuring out some custom css to fix the issue and I couldn’t be happier!
1. januara 2024
This addon extends elementor like no other addons can.
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