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Stop manually copying the events you’re promoting from your WordPress events calendar!

Event Calendar Newsletter lets you curate an events newsletter by pulling in event details directly from your WordPress events calendar, all without leaving your WordPress admin.

You’ll be able to transform your events calendar into a newsletter-friendly format in just a few clicks, and copy-paste upcoming events into your newsletters in Mailchimp, MailPoet, Active Campaign, or any other newsletter sending service.

„I was always making errors when creating event newsletters based on the calendar on my WordPress website. Now I use this plug-in to generate newsletters from my calendar and it works like a charm!“ – Kevin Browne, Software Hamilton

Want to filter and group events, save multiple templates, set custom or tighter date ranges, get premium support – and more? Check out Events Calendar Newsletter Pro today

How it works

Event Calendar Newsletter automatically pulls event details from the WordPress event calendar plugin you have installed on your site and generates a newsletter-friendly layout based on the specific event details you want to include.

If you have a WordPress event calendar installed on your website, you can begin using Event Calendar Newsletter right away. If you don’t have a WordPress event calendar, install one! You can use one of five free plugins (see below, more in Pro). You’ll just need to install the Event Calendar Newsletter plugin and follow the instructions on setting up an event calendar in WordPress.

Event Calendar Newsletter works seamlessly with the following WordPress event calendars:

  • The Events Calendar by StellarWP (formerly by Modern Tribe)
  • Event Organiser
  • Events Manager
  • Simple Calendar (aka Google Calendar Events)

Events Calendar Newsletter Pro supports all of the above-mentioned event calendars in addition to:

  • Modern Events Calendar
  • Event Espresso
  • EventON
  • Church Content (with a supported theme)
  • Geodirectory Events
  • Calendarize it!
  • Eventum (by Templatic)
  • EventPrime

Event Calendar Newsletter Main Features

  • Specify time frame – Automatically curate a list of upcoming events (from one week to 12 months into the future) to share with your mailing list.
  • Decide which event details to include – Use a drop-down menu to add the event details you’d like to include in your event newsletter including event start date, event end date, title, location details, contact information, and much more!
  • Customize the newsletter – Customize the newsletter’s formatting and layout using a WYSIWYG or HTML text editor.
  • One-click generator – Quickly generate newsletter formatted events and copy-paste the results into your email newsletter tool.

Five stars: „Easy to use. Does exactly what it says.“ – Phil Derksen – Founder, WP Simple Pay

Event Calendar Newsletter Pro Features

Event Calendar Newsletter Pro makes it easier than ever to turn your events into newsletters, making your workflow easier – and getting better attendance – from $99:

  • Filter events – Filter events by category, tag, or event calendar in the back-end to only include the events you want to share in the event newsletter.
  • Group events – Group events together by day or month along with a header for each group to increase event newsletter readability.
  • Save multiple newsletter templates – Create and save event newsletter templates to get event details in the right format and layout everytime.
  • Integration with email providers – Event Calendar Newsletter supports integration with MailChimp, MailPoet, Active Campaign, Aweber, and others making it easy for you to automatically insert event details into your newsletter.
  • Automate newsletter mailings and reminders – Configure mailings and reminders for upcoming events.
  • **Specify a tighter time frame – Ability to select less than a week (i.e. 1 to 6 days) of upcoming events.
  • Set a custom date range – Ability to hand-pick only the events you want to share in your event newsletter; perfect for creating newsletters in advance.
  • Set a start from date – Include events that start on a specific date in the future; perfect for creating sections in your newsletter (i.e. events upcoming in the next week or events upcoming in the next weekend or all events after Christmas)
  • Premium support – Get questions answered quickly via email and submit feature requests.

Check out Event Calendar Newsletter Pro here.


  • Select the calendar where you’d like to pull your events from, and define the format.
  • Events are pulled and output in a newsletter-friendly format. Just copy and paste into your Newsletter!
  • HTML output can be used in your newsletter instead.
  • Choose which events to include by how far in the future, Pro version can filter by categories or tags


You can either search for Event Calendar Newsletter in the Plugins –> Add New area, or:

  1. Go to Plugins –> Add New
  2. Select the Upload option, then Choose File…
  3. In the pop-up select the zip file downloaded from this plugin page
  4. Follow the instructions after the upload completes
  5. Go to Event Calendar Newsletter and complete the form

If you don’t already have your event calendar plugin installed and configured, you’ll also need to install that plugin. Plugins currently supported:


20. měrca 2024 1 reply
They quickly added support for EventPrime calendar when I requested it. This has allowed me to automate my weekly e-newsletter which now has 15 variations that users can select based on content and delivery frequency. I use this plugin to automatically select and format ads and events listings, which are then sent using the Newsletter Plugin to schedule the automatic sending. This plugin is powerful, but easy to use and works as expected and described.
20. septembra 2021
I have been using The Events Calendar Pro plugin for about a year and I was hesitating on adding a Newsletter feature because I was unsure of the capabilities of the Event Calendar Newsletter plugin. Once I dug into it I was very surprised by just how much customization I could do with the plugin. This is a great plugin and I will soon be upgrading to the Pro version so I can automated my newsletters through MailChimp. Also, the support I received while I was evaluating the free version was better than a lot of the paid support I get from other plugins. Great plugin and great support!
10. septembra 2019 1 reply
I have Events Manager for WordPress and am looking to automate parts of my newsletter. The free version is nice, but doesn’t do anything I can’t do with a shortcode. I already have draft posts that generate content for my weekly email using shortcodes that I copy and paste from. I was looking for a solution to an automated daily newsletter that includes: 1 – Today’s events from my calendar 2 – Recent Posts 3 – Future Featured Events I am able to use my site’s main RSS feed for #2 and have the events manager RSS set for #1. I’ve been doing #3 manually which is what I was hoping to use this plugin for. I’ll keep looking for a free automation solution.
17. apryla 2017 1 reply
Saves a TON of time, when sending out my weekly newsletter. Well worth the investment. Quick assist from developer too. Will give it full 5 stars as more options are added. kudos to Brian. Mel
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  • Avoid showing marketing opt-in incorrectly


  • Updating discount form


  • Improved date/time support for several other calendars


  • Improved date/time support


  • Adding note about what Events Manager we support


  • Fix for TinyMCE not working with editor in certain cases
  • [Dev] Adding additional parameter for The Events Calendar filter


  • Better onboarding and updated wording when no compatible calendar is found


  • Adding featured tag for The Events Calendar
  • Additional filters added for developer use


  • Adding ability to format start_date, start_time, end_time and end_date inline, ie. {start_date|l, F j, Y}
  • Fix for adding multiple of the same if_ condition tags


  • Fix for if_end_date condition not really doing anything


  • Fix for WordPress 5.0 not showing custom editor at the right height
  • Allowing custom added fields to be used with conditional checks
  • Ensuring excerpt is an option for Events Manager
  • Fix for Event Organiser not getting location_* field data properly


  • Additional WP filters for date/time formatting and excerpt length
  • Optional tracking to improve performance and compatibility


  • Adding accessibility alt tag for images with The Events Calendar
  • Updating email signup form


  • Removing non-working ‚select all‘ button
  • Demo video for pasting the HTML
  • Help text tweaks


  • Improved i18n handling
  • Text copy tweaks
  • Additional ecn_get_excerpt filter
  • Adds organizer details to available The Events Calendar fields


  • Improved query performance for Events Manager


  • Better handling for all day events in the default template
  • Additional tags for The Events Calendar


  • Fixes issues with links in all-in-one by time.ly


  • Adding default and compact designs
  • Adding {tags} and {tag_links} for certain calendars


  • Compability change for older versions of PHP


  • Adds Event Organiser support
  • Support for additional conditional statements like {if_end_time}…{/if_end_time}
  • Additional format options in dropdown
  • Refactoring codebase and additional tests


  • Adding class/function exists checks


  • Adding location_phone tag
  • Adding location website and phone for The Events Calendar


  • Only including Published events in output for The Events Calendar
  • Adding manual excerpt if there is none in post_excerpt


  • Handling for multi-day events expanded in Simple Calendar


  • Fixes bug with Events Manager where incorrect events selected based on date range


  • Adding Events Manager support


  • Adds check to see if previously saved plugin is no longer available


  • Compatibility changes for The Events Calendar


  • Adding {categories} and {category_links} tags


  • Fixing issue in Simple Calendar with multiple events at the same day/time


  • Adding settings page


  • Fixing issue with The Events Calendar not returning all events


  • Fixing the {all_day} tag


  • Using Tribe__Events__Query for ECN
  • Adding condition {if_all_day} and {if_not_all_day} tags


  • Improved editing using the WordPress editor
  • Additional formatting tags for Simple Calendar


  • Fix to fetch events from all Simple Calendar calendars


  • Fixing timezone issue with All-in-One Event Calendar


  • Adding initial support for All-in-One Event Calendar by Time.ly


  • Fixing date dropdowns


  • Removing freemius
  • Ensuring The Events Calendar events are in future


  • Option to force fetching new events for Simple Calendar


  • Fixing issue with Simple Calendar and past events
  • Ensuring new events fetched when generating newsletter
  • Updating Freemius to remove two menu items appearing before activation in 4.4


  • Adding Simple Calendar support


  • Updating version of freemius


  • Added option for smaller time periods (1, 2 or 3 week)
  • Added freemius stats to aid in feedback


  • German translation
  • Fixed issue with quotes in the HTML format
  • Added {link_url}


  • Added translation support


  • Fix formatting of free event cost
  • Added ecn_admin_capability filter to modify who has access to the events calendar screen


  • Minor fixes


  • Initial release